Thursday, December 1, 2011

To wait, or not to wait, that is the question.

We've discussed, ad nauseum, about my lack of patience. I'm here to tell you - nothing has changed! HA!

I am approaching the end of my 2WW. And now the question must be asked - do I play it safe and wait the full two weeks, or do I cheat and test early?

It is as the old adage asks - "To pee, or not to pee, that is the question!"

What would you do?

Wait and Pee?

Convince me.


  1. Pee! But only if you have a reliable HPT. I recommend the First Response Early Result. It detected my HSG at 6 and went away when my HSG went down, so I trust it.

  2. Pee! My last beta was a 5 and I got a positive HPT with the First Response with my first morning urine

  3. What would I want to do? Wait and Pee. What would I probably do? Pee. lol I do like the idea of a fairly certain result, though. I'm always somehow able to convince myself when I test early that maybe it's a false negative. I'm resolved to wait and pee this cycle. Of course if you ask me next Tuesday, I'll probably be too busy in the bathroom to answer ;)

  4. Don't Pee. AF does not kill my spirit in the same way that a "Not Pregnant" pee stick does. Besides if you wait for you period you don't have to waste the money on ANOTHER HPT. I know patience isn't easy, I'm in the same boat right now, but I say don't pee.

  5. During natural cycles I waited for AF. I hated seeing a negative and always seemed to get my period the next day anyway.

  6. WTP! (wait to pee) :) I keep trying to talk my friend into waiting to test as she just did IVF (but I dont think she'll listen) :) I always waited just because I wanted to hold onto the hope for as long as possible. And I felt proud of myself to hold out till BETA day. However, after we got the call that our IVF worked you better believe that I ran to the bathroom just to pee on sticks and see them say "pregnant." haha I think if you absolutely feel the need to test, do it the day before beta. I see all the time girls getting neg tests because they test too early. Good luck! :)

  7. Pee if you have good early result tests. I think at 11dpo, it's generally pretty obvious with good tests. Of course, I was a POAS-aholic, so I am probably the worst to give advice on this!

  8. I got my positive test before the end of the 2 WW. If it's positive, it'll show up. So, pee!!!!!!!

  9. WAIT!!!!!! I quit testing for over a year, b/c the BFNs were too depressing. Our IUI cycle I decided to test, and the BFN at 10dpo CRUSHED me. I retested at 12dpo and got the faintest of faint lines, and then I was just worried it was a chem pregnancy. Waiting until 14dpo is a MUCH better idea.

    Remember - some people will get early results, but NOT ALL - it's totally dependent on WHEN the embryo implanted, which can vary by many many days. The disappointment of a false negative is just too crushing. My vote is wait!