Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Just in case I neglected to mention this, J and I have the whole week off this week! I think this was the cause of my earlier anxiety - too much time on my hands!

We got a fabulous phone call yesterday - they are coming to deliver our new bedroom set today! This was our Christmas present to one another. We bought it through Costco (don't you just love the quality of their furniture??) and they said it would take 4-6 weeks for delivery. They called us ONE WEEK later! It was an amazing surprise.

Thankfully that has left me with plenty to do. Moving out the old dresser and night stands, moving the bed (all J's job of course!) to vacuum, dust, and wash the walls. Our room has not been this clean since we moved in. It is fabulous!

I even went through my closet (which I try and do every couple months) and gathered a whole bag of things to donate. Once the new furniture is in place, I plan to do the same thing as I work to fill all of the new drawers.

I have even decided that while I wait for them to come (should only be another couple hours!) I am going to go through the bookshelf and dvd cases. Finally some time set aside to PURGE! It feels great.

It's good that I have the time to do this today, because when we hear a happy and healthy heartbeat tomorrow (love the return of my optimism!), the last thing I'm going to want to do is clean and organize.

The perfect combination of relaxing vacation and getting some things accomplished. Because tonight, once the room is all put together, you bet your sweet tush that I will be taking a nap on my new bed. WOOT!


  1. Enjoy your new furniture! What a great distraction!

  2. That's awesome it came in so fast! New furniture is the best!

    I LOVE to go through things, purge and re-organize... when I'm in the mood. That's what I did during my day off on Monday, and you better believe this weekend is going to be more of the same. Enjoy your clean and organized bedroom!

    SO excited for your appointment tomorrow- I will be praying hard for you guys!