Monday, December 12, 2011

Bitter Sweet

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends. It was a couple we were so excited to share our news with because, until about 2 weeks ago, they were 9 weeks pregnant. Last week (just before we got our BFP), she suffered her 3rd miscarriage. This time, which was their longest pregnancy to date, after they heard the heartbeat.

This is one of J's oldest friends and we've come a long way with them. They haven't been trying long (about 7-8 months) in the grand scheme of things, but they've suffered more in that short period than anyone should. When we started this journey 3 long years ago, they were not yet married. They didn't really understand our plight because they were at a different place in their life. They were empathetic, but often offered the kind of unsolicited 'advice' that you would often receive from someone naive.

I am heartbroken that they now understand. I hate that we've added another friend to our 'club'. And mostly, I have no idea how we will break the news to our dear friends who now have to start over again. My heart breaks for them.

They knew we ovulated this month too. How? Because they were over for dinner a few weeks back when we got the positive OPK and J fricken told them. Great dinner conversation, no? They were still pregnant and thrilled with the idea of doing this together. I really want to be sensitive of their feelings, especially since it wasn't that long ago that we were in their shoes.

The universe is a cruel beast sometimes, isn't it?

If you have a moment, please say a prayer or send a positive thought to our friends E&S. We love them dearly and hope things work out for them. These situations are so tough and, although grateful for our blessing, I feel like a fish out of water being on the other side.

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