Friday, December 9, 2011

Keeping The Secret

I am such a horrible liar! Especially when I want to be able to tell our phenomenal news.

We are really struggling with how to be around our friends, especially at holiday parties, and not telling them the one thing that's top on our list. Especially awkward when they offer you a cocktail and you have to stammer for an excuse as to why you don't want one. And you know what? To make it worse, my friends are pushers! "Oh, come on!" "What?! Shut up. Here, I got your favorite wine!" "Hahahaha, yeah right!"

Buncha punks.

We're just not ready to say anything yet and risk having to take the news back again. One particular group of our friends was so supportive, but they are at different stages in their lives. They really just cannot relate and I don't want to put that on them again. The girls at work all have baby fricken fever and I swear to God they are going to smell the pregnant on me. We're supposed to get together and bake next Saturday and every email says something like, "Oooh, fun! Cookies and WINE!" Doublefrick! Jeremy says to tell them I'm hungover.

I'm really starting to sound like a lush, aren't I? I'm really not! It's this time of year.

How do you lie without feeling or sounding like an idiot?

Any tips for avoidance?

Should I just cancel my appearances all together and not come out of my cave until sometime next month?


  1. Say you're on medication maybe? Or claim DD status. I know I get accused of being pregnant sometimes when I don't want to drink (which makes me sound like a total lush omg), so I use those.

  2. My personal favorites are 'I've been having a lot of headaches lately and drinking makes them worse' or 'I'm just finishing up some antibiotics and am not supposed to drink with them.' Good luck!

  3. You could accept the drink and "pretend" to sip. However if anyone is really paying attention they will see that your drink is still full. Hangover excuse is good. Or DD excuse. Or you could hide out in a cave for awhile. However, I'm sure that would get boring quick. Not to mention, the bats...:)

  4. Just tell them you are trying to have a baby and your doctor forbids it. Or how about "I'm an alcoholic.....I'm 1 day sober!" lol. It's a tough maneuver. Your best bet is to let the host in on the gig and have her make you a virgin drink ahead of time that looks very alcoholic.

  5. I second the antibiotics excuse. Or, the fake cocktail if you have the opportunity. I knew a woman who got to the restaurant really early when meeting friends so she could order one of those non - alcoholic beers and be sipping when everyone else arrived. My sister in law faked us out with grape juice in a wine glass. She was the hostess in that case so it was easy for her to sneak off into the kitchen.

  6. Antibiotics or put non alcoholic wine (or apple juice) in your purse and after they pour u a glass go to the bathroom and swap them out.

  7. Just accept the drink and don't drink it. No one will notice, they'll think you're on drink 2 or 3 if they notice it's still full. I promise no one cares about your drink that much as long as you have something in your hand they're happy. You could also get yourself a glass of water with lime and pretend it's a vodka tonic if anyone REALLY wants to know. Just something, ANYTHING in your hands will get them off your back. Also, speaking from experience, if the worst should happen it's better to have the support of your friends and family around you rather than isolating yourselves, letting them in on the pregnancy as well as the tragedy afterward was the smartest thing I ever did.

  8. Man, Knox just erased my whole comment! LOL. I vote for taking a drink and doing nothing with it. Then, if someone asks, use the hangover excuse. I don't blame you for not wanting to say anything!