Monday, August 9, 2010

Appt Tonight

I have my mid-cycle scan this evening with Doc Oc. I am feeling very weird about this appointment. I'm not sure if it is just added pressure because 'after this we're taking a break' or what. I'm not feeling very optimistic (I wasn't last month either though) and I am attributing that to the fact that I took my 7.5mg of Femara on CD5-9 instead of 3-7 like I did last month. I don't know, maybe because I got off to a rushed/rough start I'm just being pessimistic. We shall see!

If all goes perfectly, I will be getting triggered tonight (or in the next 1-2 days) and scheduling the IUI.

If you have a spare positive thought, I would sure appreciate it. I'm running a little low on them these days.

What ever will be, will be. What ever will be, will be. < wash, rinse, repeat


  1. Sometimes I think "switching it up" is just what our bodies need. Hang in there this cycle - life happens when we least expect it. Praying for your BFP!

  2. I'm that obnoxious eternal optimist, so of course I will send positive thoughts your way :-)