Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let's talk about boobies for a moment, shall we? For about a week now my boobs have been SORE. Twice in the last few days J has tried to get friendly with them and I have had to threatened to smash a lamp over his head if he even THINKS about moving one fraction of an inch closer to my tender bosoms. He got them message and in the bathroom yesterday asked 'can I try now? there's no lamps in here!' SweetbabyJesus - NO!

I was in my jammies this morning, which typically consist of undies and a tshirt. I leaned across the table and my poor nipple lightly grazed the table through my shirt and I gasped. OW OW OW

Not cool. To top it off, AF still isn't here - I tested yesterday on an internet cheapy and I don't think it worked. It stayed completely blank forever, the color not spreading across the test area, and then about 5 minutes or so later a line developed. If I still haven't started tomorrow I will test again. But no AF and no BFP - should I call my doc about my boobs? They've seriously NEVER hurt this bad.

Any suggestions?


  1. Hmm best wishes!! I don't know if you should mention them to your doctor or not! I have tender breasts from time to time, once ovulation hits until AF they're tender as can be! But if it's not your normal then it's definitely odd. Hopefully it's a good sign! How many dpo are you?

  2. I got another BFN this morning. Since my cycle was canceled, I'm not positive that I ovulated, so I'm not certain of my dpo. I could have ovulated late and not known it I suppose...

  3. ummmm.....hmmmmm. That amount of tenderness is never achieved by me unless pregnant. It is possible you O'd late and would be continuing with the BFN's. Keep testing every few days if AF hasnt' shown up. You may even consider a blood test in a week if she isn't here and BFN's are still showing. GL sweetie. Fingers crossed for you.

  4. I wish I could hold out the same hope. After our canceled cycle we went on a bit of a drought... If I did O late, we missed it. :(