Monday, August 9, 2010

My Date with Doc Oc

Before I sat down to relax with the hubs, I decided I would knock out the update.

I've got three follicles vying for Folly of the Year. That's the most follicles I've had at any mid-cycle check thus far! Average size was only about 16ish mm (14.5, 16, 17), so they're definitely not ready yet, but we're on our way! Wednesday I go back to check in and get triggered. All goes well and we'll be getting our first IUI on Thursday.

Let's hope it all goes according to plan!

I was relieved to see that things were ticking right along, even if I wasn't feeling anything like I did last month. I've got to STOP this over analytical thing I've got going on. This week will be bringing plenty of distraction as we've got family (on both sides) in town this week/weekend. Next week I am the only manager in our whole office, so hopefully that means the week will go by fast! The weekend after we'll be camping. TONS going on, so bring on the distraction! My birthday will be CD28 and approx 13-14 dpiui.... now the question is - Would you test on your birthday!?


  1. Yay! Sounds like everything is on track for your first iui. I can't wait to hear more updates....and oh boy, to test or not to test on your b-day. If it were me I know i would have to test!

  2. I would test at the end of the day on my birthday. Hoping for a BFP!

  3. I would totally test - otherwise I'd spend my entire birthday wondering and worrying. I'd rather just know!

    You remember the song "It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Wanna..."?? Well, if it's a BFP, you'll have tears of joy, if it's not, you have an excuse to cry and have your hubby wait on you hand and foot!

    Sounds like things are going well - that's great!

  4. You can test on your birthday: If its positive-best birthday present ever. If its negative-you have an excuse to get plastered.

    Hang in there! And give up on being over analytical. I've given up hope for myself of ever getting over that! LOL

  5. I'll be crossing everything that you get to trigger tomorrow!!!