Friday, August 6, 2010

My day in a nutshell (a nut sounds tasty)

I'm starving.

I might die.

We have no food in the house.

--Did I mention my impending death?

GROWL < that's my tummy saying hello

--Did I mention my hunger?

Sometimes working from home is totally a pain. I'm not downtown, so I cannot just walk next door and grab a salad.

I caved instead and decided that a bowl of cereal would just have to do for lunch. I get upstairs - no clean bowls. I scrub one up, pour my tasty Lucky Charms (don't judge!), open the fridge - no milk! BAH!

Now I'm back to the drawing board. And STARVING... wait, I mentioned that? Sorry, I'm dieing here, so that must mean that in death you start forgetting things.

Is it weird that my dog's breath just made my stomach growl again? Yeah, that's definitely weird.

Is this God's way of telling me I could skip a meal or 10?? God is that you??

::Mrs.S disappears into the white light::

(PS - I totally won't judge you if this interlude into my psyche scares you off for good. Dangerous territory in there.)

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