Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 Weeks

I'm a day late, but who's counting?

Spawn is only about the size of a kidney bean this week, measuring at about just over a 1/2 inch (we'll know exactly at our appointment tomorrow!). It's hard to believe such a little bean could be making such a presence!

I'm happy to report that I have not gained any weight (190) just yet. I know it is inevitable and I've come to terms with this (kind of) fact. I've always struggled with my weight, so I'm definitely adjusting to nutrition as a pregnant woman. I'm eating as best I can, trying to make healthy choices, and in the end I hope to keep my weight gain at (or slightly below) 20lbs. They say an overweight person (which is me... awesome.) should gain between 15-25. So, splitting the difference, 20 is my goal. I'm confident that with a balanced diet and good, albiet moderate, exercise I can achieve my goal. It won't be easy! But it never is.

I continue to be nauseous, really suffering when I let my blood sugar get too low. It's like I can feel it drain from my body. It's been especially bad since Sunday. I feel best with a steady intake of food, popsicles are preferred the last couple days, and when I'm comfortably snuggled in my favorite sweatpants and under my fuzzy blanket. I've also been burping like a trucker. Especially when I'm feeling particularly queasy. On the plus side, my boobs are doing a bit better, still tender if I mess with them (funny how we do that, isn't it?!), but I can take the stairs without wanting to commit a double homicide on the next group of people I pass.

Lastly, I made my first maternity purchase today. Yes, at 8 weeks. After spending an entire day at work with my pants unbuttoned, I decided that a BeBand (Target's Bella Band) was more than necessary. It works! It's not as snug as I know it will be, but it will suit my purposes nicely. While I have not intention of doing any additional maternity shopping just yet, I have to admit, it was fun.

We are so excited for our appointment tomorrow and another opportunity to see our wee one and its strong heartbeat. 8 weeks down and another 32 to go!


  1. I started out a little heavier than you with the same goal...and I did great until the 3rd trimester. 21 lbs until I hit 34 weeks then kabab!! Don't get frustrated if your weight shoots up...mine is all water weight (and I have the carpal tunnel and HUGE puffy ankles to prove it!)

    There will also be times when you can't control the hunger...just think healthy instead of junk and it helps! I don't have any cravings and a handful of carrots has as much crunch as potato chips!!

  2. I haven't gained any weight either. I'm actually down a pound.

  3. Excited to hear about today's appointment! Dude, I did the same thing with Knox and bought a BeBand almost right away to contain the bloat!! There's no sense in being miserable, so I think it's a great idea to do as soon as you need to. Sorry you're feeling sick, but I'm sure that you're feeling good about that at the same time... infertility kind of makes you twisted, right? We're probably the only people that cheer for nausea!!