Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's talk about drugs

And my current inability to get to the good stuff. (Don't confuse the 'good stuff' with the 'hard stuff'.)

The last couple of weeks, my left ear has been bugging me. When I talk it will pop and I would echo in my own ear. It was annoying, but it was a couple times a day, so I left it be. The last week it has been happening more frequently and for the last couple of days I've been getting pressure now too, even when it's not popping. Mostly annoying, but I'd like it to stop before it gets worse.

I decided it was due time to drop by the walk-in clinic. An hour and a half wait later, oh joy, and the doctor said I had no ear infection, but just pressure on my eustachian tube (runs along my sinus in my inner ear). Probably a swelling in my sinus causing the pressure. Blah, blah, blah - What do I DO about it!?

She finds one nasal spray that is safe for me to take when pregnant and calls it in. She told me that she noted 'No Substitutions', so if they ask - that's a no-no. Gotcha doc, that's kick this thing.

We grab dinner to allow time for filling the prescription and our friendly neighborhood pharmacist says it still isn't done. Why? Because my insurance doesn't cover this one, so he was calling to see about a substitution. Nope, sorry homes, not gonna happen. Tell me the sticker price and let's be on our merry way.



Holy Llamaballs.

I about had a heart attack right there next to the cough drops and the reading glasses. No, we didn't buy it. Instead I am now home researching alternative remedies for my suffering. Mr. Pharmacist is going to hang on to that puppy for a few days if I can't work it out on my own. Kind of him.

Firstly, it isn't even the good stuff.

Secondly, what in a tiny tube of nasal spray could cost $125? Am I snorting gold flecks? Did it come from Columbia? (sorry, bad joke)

Lastly, I didn't even want to do it in the first place. I loathe nasal spray.

Here's to hoping I can find a creative way to relieve the pressure. Otherwise this mama is going to suffer, either from an annoying ear or a serious dent in her wallet.


  1. I hope you don't take offence but seriously the US health system sucks major arse. You should NEVER have to pay that much for medication. As you said what is it gold plated? I had to pay that much for synarel which was off the benefits scheme. And then I got a rebate through health insurance and that was the good stuff (IVF suppression drug). It blows me away and I want to take all of my AC girls and sneak you into oz and get the medication for you.

  2. So this might sound absolutely crazy, but I was in the exact same situation about a year ago and found a home remedy that actually worked. Basically, you use a netti pot, but add in 6 drops of 4 Way nasal spray. Here are the complete instructions:
    I had instant relief and would totally give it a try before I paid $125 for a nose spray. The 4 Way says to check with your doctor about taking it if you're pregnant though. Just wanted to share my experience! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. FWIW, I was suffering from that darn popping while I took Knox to the doctor one time, and his pediatrician told me to use Afrin (which is safe in pregnancy). I would give that a try since it's all of $6 instead of $125!!

  4. You can use flonase. And really any nasal spray that has medicine, because it goes right into your sinus passages. Very little gets absorbed by the body. I used flonase throughout my entire pregnancy.

  5. How about just plain saline nose drops? That could work.

  6. De-lurking because I have serious ear/sinus issues and am pregnant. Do you go to acupuncture ever? My acupuncturist does a treatment that helps move the fluid out of my sinuses. She also recommended steaming with Eucalyptus oil. Place a couple of drops in a bowl, fill with recently boiled water, cover bowl and your head with a towel, breath deeply. (That one really worked for me, but I'm super sensitive to heat so I had to vent the towel a bit so as not to feel like my face was melting off.) Good luck!

  7. Seriously HUGE thanks, ladies. I hadnt had time to look at alternatives and now I have a whole list. You're the best!

  8. You crack me up! Perhaps you can just put a special attachment on the Hoover and take care of things yourself?