Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waiting for the next appointment.

I think I had a little too much quiet time around the house this weekend. I am really anxious for my next appointment. I've been feeling better the last few days, very little queasiness, and that's really only when I wait too long to eat. Am I just managing it better? Is it fading because I am now 10 weeks? Or is something wrong? Thankfully the majority of me (90%) knows that it is perfectly normal for symptoms to fade as your hormones level out. And that this could be a temporary break at this point. I still have plenty of aversions (red meat, which I usually love, makes me want to gag), but otherwise, not many symptoms to speak of.

That other 10% spent a good thirty minutes dreaming up a reason I need to go to the doctor sooner than February 3rd, just for the reassurance that everything is okay.

And then I proceed to feel like a crazy person. I swear, I'm neurotic. But, I just want to see my happy and healthy baby. I thought about an in-home doppler, but the studies (or lack there of) for the first trimester freak me out.

I just need to learn to be patient, think positive thoughts, and get the hell over it.

Was there something that helped you through these early anxious moments? Does it get better when you can feel your baby move and see your belly grow? Or do you just pick something else to fret over?

Let's hope the next 2.5 weeks go by quickly.


  1. FWIW, my queasiness started to go away around 10 weeks, and I think it's fairly common to fade around that time. I've used a doppler both times, and I tell you, it's a life saver for anxiety-riddled mothers! I could hear the hb both times from 10 weeks onward and used bellybeats.com to rent it.

    My biggest anxiety reliever is a lot of prayer! I'll say a few for you!!

  2. It does get a little better in the second trimester :) I was a complete basket case in the first 12 weeks. But now Im relaxing a little more. I mean to be honest I still have my "moments." But in general it's a whole lot better now! Hang in there! :) I didnt like my doppler, it caused me more worry than excitement. But some people say there's was a lifesaver.

  3. I still don't really believe I am pregnant. Sure I can't fit into any normal clothes but until I have my next scan I life in a state of disbelief.....It gets slightly easier as sarah said in T2. I have a doppler but I couldn't find a HB, so for now I avoid using it. It makes me too anxious.

  4. I have no advice so just try to hang in there! I was trying to figure out a way to get in to my dr earlier also! One day at a time.

  5. I am the wrong person to ask that question to. Most women who have had a miscarriage will still worry, but it will be less often once they are into the second trimester. I think once you start to grow a belly and get past the 14 week mark, you will feel better.
    I think, for us, the worry will never fully go away. You'll just have to learn how to manage it. I do think it's perfectly normal for you to want to have the reassurance of a doctor's visit. Maybe your OB will understand if you can't wait until February. Maybe she can set you up with a doppler so you can hear the heartbeat again. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

  6. Every pregnancy is different and yadda yadda, but 10 weeks is exactly when my morning sickness faded. Unless I went too long without eating, just like you. ::hugs:: hang in there love!

  7. Oh man, I'm in the EXACT same boat. 10 weeks is tomorrow and the last 2 days I've been decidedly less tired, as in I stayed up PAST 10pm last night! Since my only telltale sign that something wasn't right last time was disappearing symptoms I have my moments of panic, but as everyone is saying apparently it's normal for things to start to ease off at 10 weeks. Good luck making it to Feb. 3! I'm hoping T2 is easier than T1!