Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick Husband

Almost any married woman you talk to would agree on one point... the strongest of strong men are reduced to helpless babies when they're sick.

Don't get me wrong, my husband is amazing. I've gone on and on before about how caring and hardworking he is. I mean, the man does our laundry. (It's ok to take a moment and hate me, I don't blame you.) He is a good egg, I scored big time.

But you give that man an illness and he needs in home care. And I don't think he's unique in this way! Men do not have that lower gear of function, they just hit the damn floor.

My poor husband has been pretty sick. A fever/chills off and on, waking up chilled and sweaty... not good stuff. I have been pretty needy myself recently so Ive been doing my wifely duties and caring for him. As best I can anyway, when at the end of the day I just want to rest myself.

He stayed home today and I hope he's healing up because this wife needs a good solid night sleep. One that isn't interrupted 2-3 times by the sweaty bag of pestilence sleeping in my bed. That, and it's hard to see your big tough guy suffer.

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  1. Oh my husband turns into a two year old when he's sick ;) Even just the simple common cold and I might as well put him in a diaper and rock him to sleep with a bottle :) Hope your hubby feels better and that you can get some sleep!

  2. Hope your hubby feels better! I know my husband when he gets sick he usually gets it bad and starts to hallucinate which sometimes is fun for me lol, he plays computer games and sometimes he says game sayings to me.... lol and when i tell him when he's feeling better he always thinks i'm lying.

  3. 1) I hope he gets better soon! You are so right- mean just can't quite handle sick like women can!
    2) The new tiny bird in your header??? I was so freaking excited to see that! It's precious!

  4. Aww poor guy. I sure know what you're talking about. My Hubby never gets sick. He's only had antibiotics 2x his entire life. He got sick with the flu last Christmas--you'd have thought the world was ending.

    I guess they are allowed to be babies every once in a while!


  5. Yes, this is a trait to most all men. Mine is the same way - right now actually. Only this time we are both super sick so besides going to work and buying cold medicine and kleenex, I am only helping myself.
    He is off today and this weekend so I have little sympathy.
    Oh! He also sleeps in the spare room while we're sick so we don't keep each other up all night! Smart right?