Monday, January 9, 2012

9 Weeks

My last week in the single digits has begun! I don't have a whole lot new to update about my 8th week. I've been struggling with "morning" sickness on a daily basis. I have quite a number of food aversions at this point. Protein is tough to even think about eating. The only exception? I've had two chicken nuggets kids meals in the last week. I'm not proud of it, and I'm not typically one for fast food, but it served its purpose.

I tried to have eggs this morning and that did not go well. I gagged as I finished the last small bite. Even as I type this my gag reflex is on alert. I still have not thrown up (knock on wood) and I'm grateful for that. It's very hard to find things that sound appetizing. Anything too sweet sounds awful. I'm getting by on soup and crackers, had a bit of mac 'n cheese, and popsicles. I'm ready to get my former taste buds back and J is too.

I'm starting to feel bloated and thicker around the middle. However, I'm actually down about two pounds (188.2). I've been doing really well with drinking water (about 8-10 8oz glasses a day) and I'm happy about that.

We did make our first real baby purchase today - a pack and play! We got a great deal and decided to snag it up. Paid $40 instead of the typical $80!
I'm still not comfortable doing big shopping, but it was fun to pick up a piece for a good deal. I'm really looking forward to getting started putting things together.

Here's to week #9!


  1. Ugh, m/s sucks. Eating lots of protein throughout the day is really the best thing you can do to alleviate it though. What helped me were snacks of string cheese, plain quinoa, and sucking on peppermint hard candies (which I normality hate, but peppermint is great for anti nausea, as is ginger).

  2. Try mashed potatoes and pasta...and anything cold. For me it was mostly the smell of food cooking so cold foods helped a lot. I think it was the carbs in the mashed potatoes and pasta that made those easier to eat. (plus they don't really smell all too strong either when they're cooking.

    Good luck.

  3. How do you get fluids? I'm really struggling with water.

  4. Glad you are drinking plenty of water. That has always been a problem for me - I hate it.
    I wish you all the best in the next few months.

  5. @Rebecca - I have to do it in small amounts throughout the day. Too much sloshing around is NO GOOD. I have a great Nathan water bottle that I keep with me to sip on.