Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Healthy & Growing!

Today's appointment went very well. I just love Doc Oc. Jeremy does to, you know why? Because that man loves to give me a hard time. When talking about my diet I mentioned being nervous about weight gain because of the struggles I've always had with food and weight gain. His response was that for now, I need to eat whatever I can keep down and whatever makes me feel best. "Carbs are your friend." But that in a couple of months he's going to 'slap me around a little bit' and I'll have to 'get with the program'. J just chuckles in the corner. Anytime someone else gives me crap, they're instantly his favorite.

I asked a good portion of my questions (I got distracted and forgot to ask the last couple), we talked through episiotomies, csections - the when and the why - and was happy to report that we were on the same page. That page being, episiotomies are for emergencies only and that there are acceptable and necessary times for a c-section (previa, breach, etc), but he tends to push for vaginal until absolutely necessary and that 'baby is boss'. Also, that any and all decisions in the delivery room were collaborative and we'd make them all together. I like that he respects my desire to have the information and participate. That's huge in our book.

I feel very comfortable with our care. I know that there is a chance he won't be our delivering doctor (it was a scenario/question I didn't get to), but knowing the general vibe of his practice made us both feel very at ease.

The wee-one is about 2/3" long and measuring right at 8 weeks. Since we've been 2 days 'behind' at each visit, my EDD has been adjusted to 8/16 (like that means something!). My next appointment is not for 4 more weeks - just like a normal fertile myrtle!


  1. Glad everything went well! :) I hardly like telling anyone the actual due date, because how many babies actually come ON their due date! :) I actually think they should do away with them and just say " Due in April"..."Due in August." :)

  2. Glad all is well and that you like your Doctor!

  3. Yes - enjoy the carbs now...That is all I can manage to eat these days! Yea for 8 weeks!!!!!

  4. I'm glad the appt went so well. Congrats!