Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Streak

My streak did what all good streaks do, it came to an end.

12 Weeks 1 Day

That is exactly how long I made it through this pregnancy before I threw up. Because I needed something else to do this week on top of the fevers, headaches, and the body shaking coughs.

I've talked a lot about my aversions and that the strongest of them surrounds my beloved meat. As my nausea has been lightening, I've been hoping to see an increase in the flexibility of my diet choices.

Tonight I was feeling good! I haven't had a fever today, and while exhausted, I can start to see some progress. We decided to order in and pasta was the winning choice. The thought of a meat sauce wasn't completely grossing me out, so I decided to go for it! Cannelloni it was. De-lish! I try to stay distracted if I'm eating something I'm not excited about. Keep talking with J, think of something else, just get through it.

Yeah, that worked for about 5 bites. I held that 5th bite in my mouth coaching myself through it. That worked for about 15 seconds before I had to haul ass for the bathroom. I will spare you the remaining details, but only say I had nothing left to give.

And I cried.

After I brushed my teeth and sucked it up, I conceded to Eggos and chocolate milk for dinner.

Let's hope it was a one time thing, shall we? Please? Pretty please?


  1. Aww :(

    I'm sorry you puked, and I even more sorry that you can't be free to eat what you want! This stage will pass, and I promise that you won't hate meat forever! Until then, eat those Eggos and forget about that cannelloni!

  2. Aww Im sorry you are feeling so crappy! Praying it's a one time thing. Actually, eggos an chocolate milk sound heavenly to me right now :)

  3. Aw. Poor girl! Points for effort!!

    Chocolate milk is one of my favorites anyway, so that sounds yummy!

    Are you in a location that as Grl Scout Cookies on sale right now? I had a friend who could only stand their Trefoils (shortbread cookies) everyday before noon throughout a lot of her pregnancy. Might be worth a try if you can get them!

    The Childless Mom

  4. Do me a favor and never start a blog post like that. You freaked me out.

  5. Sorry your streak ended...It was impressive. I don't have much sympathy though - I have been puking 2x day for the past two weeks! :)

  6. I COMPLETELY agree with the not starting your blog in such a fashion. My heart dropped! I'm glad the pneumonia is better though. ;)

  7. I'm sorry ladies! I didn't mean to hand out heart attacks. My apologies!!