Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

We had a really fun day. We spent the morning lazing around the house. We read, watched a movie, didn't get dressed until after noon, it was great!!!

We went to our good friends place for a lunch BBQ. It was great that even though we all had different evening plans, that we could all still see each other for yummy food in the afternoon.

As evening approached we met up with some other friends. After figuring out that we lost the local duck race, we hit up a fireworks stand. OH the deals we dealt. We got approx $400 worth of fireworks for less than $100.

The ladies got to kick back and enjoy the asshattery that was the boys fireworks show. If you happen to know my husband and his sidekick in real life, you will know that this had to be good. Those two LOVE to blow shit up.

The night went really well. We had fun, no one lost even an eyebrow! There was a close call with this tricky beast they call a 'ladybug'. The first two barely hovered off the ground and the third jumped up, shot right over our heads and ended up in the horse paddocks. I'm sure you can imagine that was a rough way to start the evening for those two poor horses. Thankfully the rest of their night was uneventful.

So, here are some shots I got of the show. Pretty, right??


  1. Those were the only fireworks that I have seen thus far, this year. Thank you! lol how sad is that?

  2. Nice fireworks pics. Mine never come out well! This is the first year we didn't do fireworks!