Monday, July 20, 2009

OPK's have arrived

Tonight we begin our first month with OPKs. I am feeling a little conflicted. Part of me is so excited to get more insight into my crazy post birth control self. To make sense of the crappy charting (by the way, did you see how quickly mine went to hell this month!? It started out so nice..) and to see if I'm actually O'ing. Of course excited that if it works, this could be our final month of 'trying'.

The other part of me, the same part that is tired of getting its hopes up, is worried that I will have the same frustrations I've had with charting so far - no answers. Or worse, that the answer will be what I really don't want to hear, but am kind of expecting, that I'm not ovulating at all.

Only time will tell! I've got to stop over thinking it and just tackle whatever comes our way. Although, if you have a minute and are the wishing/hoping/praying type, a kind word sent our way certainly couldn't hurt. Thank you in advance.

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  1. GL with the OPK's. I had a hard time telling wether they were positive or negative.