Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FF is on crack.

As determined today but my chart experimentation.

Here is my chart as it stands now:
Out of my own sick curiousity each day when I enter my temp I see what it looks like with and without the temps from CD5and6. Well, today when I first removed them I had solid crosshairs. I was baffled. Nothing on this chart looks 'solid' to me. I laughed it off and then later decided I wanted the opinion of my beloved BOTB peeps. So, I log back in and discard the temps a second time and now this:
When I first discarded the temps I was astonished to get crosshairs, especially solid ones, but when I do it a second time they are now tentative? How can you make the same change and get FF to give you two different results?
FF, you need to kick the crack habit - do you understand me??

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