Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How could I forget!?

I got to me Alyssa yesterday!! This totally made my week/month/etc.

She is one of my all time fav BOTB'ers. Alyssa, her husband, sister, and pooch are taking the long route back to Michigan and she was kind enough to grace us with her presence! I have to tell you internets she is even better in real life! Of course my visit was entirely too short. I feel like we hardly got to chat at all. We will definitely need to do it again. As I left to go home I kept thinking of all these things I wanted to ask and talk about. You can't leave yet!!
Mucho thanks to R for her so graciously supplying me and J with yummy ice cream and cookies. You always keep us well fed. I also really appreciate you sharing your Isha time. I didn't want to intrude, but as always you shared with me. I appreciate it and I love you!

Oh, and Alyssa, if your beautiful pup Lucy comes up missing... I will probably have dognapped her. I hope you and the hubs feel better before the next leg of your trip!
(Pictured: Alyssa, R, and myself! Please ignore the redeye. These babyblues have their downfall! I will fix this when I get home tonight.)


  1. Redeye courtesy of ME. Sorry! She was DEFINITELY not here long enough, I think it was her plan, to TEASE us.