Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crosshair jumping and the spotting continues.

After I imput my temp this morning my crosshairs jumped from the 10th (previously the 9th) to the 14th. Logically the 14th makes much more sense than the 9th, but not with the negative OPK that day. I especially don't like the new date because of my 'spotting'. As I'm sure you can imagine, J and I were not so jazzed about getting down while the current state of my vag was always in question. Those first two days were boarding on 'light' instead of spotting.

I called the nurse yesterday. She was none too concerned about my spotting for the last week, nor very helpful. Shocking, I know. She kept referencing this 'irregular cycle'. After the third time I was more direct and said that I had no inclination that this was actually my period. My concern was not over irregular cycles (been there, done that), but that this was being caused my something else I should be concerned with (cysts, ectopic pregnancy, etc). You know, all the lovely things you read about when you type such things into Google. Her response was that if it continues or is coupled with 'consistant and prolonged periods of cramping or pain' to call. Oh, and to take a HPT (even though I had a full blown period end 18 days ago...), which of course was negative. So, I've decided that if I'm still spotting this weekend I'm going to make an appointment. As J said, I know my body better than an 18 year old nursing aid. If I feel like something is wrong, I shouldn't ignore it.

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