Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another baby is almost here!

It's the summer of babies in my little world this summer. So far this year there have been 5 and there are 3 more coming! (That doesn't even count my loverly BOTB babes!) Number 6 is coming in the form of another baby girl by my bestest friend C. C and I have been best friends since about 2nd or 3rd grade. We're sisters really. We started our periods for the first time on the very same day, had braces at the same time, all kinds of silly bonding moments that lifelong bestest friends should have. I'm fortunate to have a few veryclosebestfriends, but she knows me better than anyone.

C had a daughter in December of 2007. She is A-FRICKEN-DORABLE. Probably the cutest little thing you've ever seen. Well, she's going to be a big sis any day now. C went to the doc today and she is dialated to 3 cm! Doc said 'Well, I can induce you right now if you want!' She is going to give her until Monday and then induce if she hasn't come on her own. YAY! At the latest, her birthday will be the 21st.

The only downside is that she lives 700 miles away. :( I miss her and her family terribly and I am continuing to look for good deals to get my butt on a plane to see her soon.

I love you C! I'm praying that you get to relax at least a little bit this weekend before she makes her appearance.

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