Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dreams (Round I)

I’m borrowing this idea from my blogger friend Rotty. I went to respond to her question and realized I had more to say than what should be left in her comments.

What are your dreams? I mean the real, hearty, lofty, if-I-had-my-wish type dreams?

First and foremost I dream of having a child. Of becoming a mother and watching my husband (AKA the greatest man ever) become a father.

I dream of a job that has the financial capability to allow me to care for my family, while also allowing me the flexibility in schedule to be there for said family. (Anyone have an opening for a 6-figure part time job?)

I dream of building our dream-home. I have floor plans and pictures I’ve been saving most of my life. The wrap around porch, kitchen with double ovens, workshop, and double-headed walk-in shower are a MUST.

I dream of having 3 dogs. Sounds silly, but it’s part of my white-picket-fence dream. Decent sized custom home on a handful of acres and our three rescue pooches. <3

I dream of traveling. Both near home and far-and-wide. I want to see the local gems and South America. Backpack to a remote local lake and lay on the beach in Tahiti. I’ve got a list (I mean, of course I have a list, lol), and I’d like to start checking them off.

I dream of a cabin in the woods. A place for my family to spend the weekends camping in the summer and a place to lay our heads when we’re skiing in the winter.

I dream of retiring early so that I can spend quality time with my family and friends (and traveling!).

I dream of becoming a photographer. This is a newer dream, just in the last few years. I want to take a class and have people line up to see my work. I’d love to take artsy nature shots and newborn/children shots. Those are my favorite.

I dream of playing softball again. This one I think I can accomplish soon. I really need to make the time. I played my entire childhood and I can definitely feel it missing from my adult years.

I'm certain I've got more to add to this list, so lets just call this one Dreams (Round I).

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