Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Appointment Scheduled

It's done. I have my 'Infertility Consultation' on October 26th. Fricken two months from now. Damn the fact that my clinic's doctors are so popular!

I hear that the doc I am seeing is supposed to be great. He's the head of the OB clinic. I had a fantastic conversation with his nurse today. She told me what we could expect and was enthusiastic about meeting us. She was just what I needed. The best part? I told her that I'd been charting and she was ecstatic! She said that her and the doc both think it is great when women are informed and are taking proactive steps to understand their body. YAY for a supportive and openminded doctor! I was nervous about how that would be received after hearing other ladies reports.

So now we've got 8 weeks to hump and hope.

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