Monday, September 21, 2009

Will someone kick my chart in the balls?

I keep taking deep breaths and chanting 'October 26th, October 26th, October 26th'.

WTF?! Tentative cross hairs on CD31?! Chart, fuck you.

There is a significant increase from my dip on CD21, but not past any coverline. The first part of my chart sucks llama balls. The OPK's were technically negative, but there were two lines on CD20 and 21. Good news, if that was CD21, we nailed it. Bad news, if it was CD21 we'd probably know by now and yesterdays test was negative.

Back to the same ol' story. Could be, couldn't be...

Screw you FF. I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns.

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  1. Two month's ago I had an O date on day 52 or something insane like that from my sucktastic right ovary. So I didn't even bother on this cycle because it was again my right ovary. Through the grace of GOD, We accidentally hit our late O date of Day 21 and TADA I'm pregnant! While late O days suck, It's still an O day and can work. Chin up sweetie!