Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just enough to toy with my emotions...

CD38 and AF still has not paid me a visit.

I have told myself that I will NOT test again until Saturday morning's fmu. So far, so good.

Only a couple phantom symptoms. Sore boobs (but that's normal pms stuff for me recently) and heartburn. I've had heartburn 4 fricken times this week. Yesterday i felt like I'd just thrown up or something, my throat and chest were burning so bad.

So, there is this weeks fishing trip. ::casts out the line::

Feel free to hang around for next weeks installment. I've confidently named it:

AF is a Bitch.

It's not creative, but I'll bet you a dollar that it I actually get to use it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not convinced you ovulated but if you did there your cover line would have been like 96.1 which means you stayed over it and had a spike.

    I would definately test. My BFP chart looks craptastic too so you never know!