Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jessica's Giveaway

Seriously peeps, visit Jessica's blog The Southern Belle Baby today because she has an adorable giveaway!

Let's just start by saying I LOVE me some organizational tools. Sorters/boxes/tubs/labels (OH I could go on about labels)/folders/color coding... they make my soul happy. It is my inner Virgo. I like things, especially my office, neat and orderly.

The "Ruby" is not just a storage box, it is a CUTE storage box! I am already day dreaming about where I would put it.

So, check it out and enter! (Or don't, so I don't have as many people to compete with. lol)


  1. Thanks!! And check out their Web site to see how great of a deal this giveaway truly is!

  2. Holy cow! I never clicked on things far enough to actually see the price. No wonder I love it, stupid expensive taste!