Monday, March 29, 2010

Lacey, Weigh In, Pills, Etc.

I have had quite a busy weekend!

Firstly, I had my first Biggest Loser weekly weigh in today! According to the 'official' scale I love 5.5lbs!!! (Okay, so according to my home scale, I lost 3, but shhh, I like the other one better!) GO ME!

Second, I GOT A NEW PUPPY!!! I have wanted a second dog since.... well since we got the first one. I've asked over and over and over and each time J has not been on board. Well, guess who finally gave in?? He must really love me. We brought home a 9 1/2 week old purebred yellow lab. Her name is Lacey and she is a-fricken-dorable! She is such a sweet and mellow lover. (remind me of this when she keeps me up again tonight, will you?) Harley is being a good big brother and adjusting to this invasion pretty well. He's done his fair share of moping, but he tolerates her.

The first few days of my Femara are going really well. So far no evil side effects. Fingers crossed that one week from now the doc will give me good news. Our appointment is on Monday.

To sum it all up, I'm getting skinny, I'm medicated, and I fell in love. I'm going to look hot at the dog park this summer. ;)

Without further ado - our new little girl:
Don't you want to just want to pet her soft fur, kiss that sweet face, and play with her extra puppy skin? Don't get me started on how I love it when she tries to run... love!

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  1. SO CUTE!! Congratulations on the puppy and the weightloss and yay for no evil side effects!