Monday, March 8, 2010


After what can only be described as a rough week, I had a great weekend.

First of all, I have amazing friends. Both friends I've met online and those I've known from 'real life'. The amount of support that I have received from a group of women that I love and admire means the world to me. I've gotten text messages, emails, comments, phone calls and IM chats all with an outpouring of love, positivity, and support. Knowing that we have so many people in our corner, and not just any 'people', but kick-ass, smart, amazing people, takes a little bit of the weight from my shoulders. You each have contributed so much to our life, in so many different ways. I'm grateful for you. I hope that when you need it I can give you as much love as you have given me.

Saturday was a blast. We spent the day downtown with a couple of friends and then met up with a bigger group for dinner and drinks that night. It was GORGEOUS outside. We shopped, walked around Pike Place Market, and just explored downtown visiting cute boutique stores and undiscovered cafes. A girlfriend of mine got a dslr about the same time I did and it was really fun to rediscover a city we both know and love. Our city through a lens gives such a fun and different perspective. I will have to share a couple of shots once I have a chance to get them off the camera.

At one point it was just J and I walking the streets and chatting and I got all teary eyed (for the 974th time this week). I was just SO happy. I was overcome with this feeling of joy and realization for how lucky I really am. No ones life is perfect. But, other than screwy lady bits I'm getting in better shape, I am healthy, I have a happy family, the best friends a girl could ever ask for, the most amazing partner in the world, a new hobby I enjoy and am actually good at, a beautiful sunny day in a city that makes me feel alive... I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It was a great feeling.

I found a couple of photography classes in the local community college course guide and J is insisting I take them. I am looking forward to learning to use my camera and hone my photography skills. I think I have a decent 'eye', but I've never taken a single class. Oh, and I joined a softball team that starts this weekend! I think it is really going to help to have these fun outlets. Just a little something to distract my body and mind. Who knows, maybe I will fit that cliche 'you'll get pregnant once you stop trying'. It's worth a shot!

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