Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Emotionally Unbalanced

While the fact that I'm emotionally unbalanced may not be news, I've got to get it in check.

Here is the evidence:
1. I read the Pioneer Woman's post about her son getting props from Wolverine. And felt that tear pinch in my throat at the end when she talked about her 5 year old sons life being complete. (how embarrassing is it that I admit this stuff!?)
2. J and I finished watching Betty White's kickass appearance on SNL. At the end when she is thanking everyone and they bring her flowers, I totally cried. Don't get me wrong, Betty White kicks some serious tail. She's feisty and I love that. But, I'm no die hard BW fan.
3. Every year my company adopts about 120 people at Christmas time. Well, the organizations and families we supported this year sent us a bunch of thank you cards (that our director just finally brought to our monthly meeting). Totally got choked up! AT WORK. Thankfully someone else was talking because I'm not sure I could have gotten words out without my voice cracking.

This was just in the last 24 hours and I'm positive there are at least 1-2 more cases I could be making, but must be blocking out as a self defense mechanism. Maybe I need a drink? Or a vacation? Yes, I think vacation would do. I'm LOSING it here folks!