Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 13/14

I've had a busy weekend, so today you're getting two-for-one. Both of which are a similar theme...

Day 13
Quality bonding time with my father-in-law. Yesterday J and I took his dad to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Seattle. Our tradition with my FIL is to go and see the HP movies together when they come out. We've all read the books and it is a fun day of bonding. We decided that we should see the exhibit while it is here. It was fun! We got to see outfits the actors wore, beds from their dorm, robes, the great hall (including Umbridge's education decrees hanging on the walls), props from herbology and potions, etc, and we even got to throw quaffles!

(Yes I really do understand that I'm letting my inner-dork hang out there for all of you to see. No shame 'round these parts!)

We had a great time at the exhibit and finished the day with a nice happy-hour dinner. I'm so grateful for the time with family and to have these fun traditions.

Day 14
Today it was all about quality time with The Mama. J was off saving the day by helping his brother move and I spent the afternoon chillin' with my mom. She came up to the house and we went to get pedicures.

Can I just take a moment to express how much I love a good pedicure. ::swoon::

After our toes were prettied up we snagged some lunch and headed back to the house to hang. I'm hoping (someday soonish) to update one of our guest rooms to an office, so we were deep in discussion about storage options, rearranging, etc. Growing up on a tiiiight budget, my mom and I loved to re-purpose, re-organize, or re-arrange our rooms. Fun memories.

My mom is the best and I'm so happy to have such a good relationship with her.


  1. I wish the Harry Potter exhibit was coming around these parts!! Sound slike you had a great weekend!

  2. My dork flag is flying high as well... I LOVE Harry Potter! Nice to know another adult shares my obsession!