Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

I'm going to share two things today, but one of them is from yesterday, so I am going to call the first one:

Day 2.5
Crisp sunny falls days. Yesterday evening J and I took the dogs for a walk on a local trail. It was sunny and there were call leaves everywhere. The dogs were happy, we chatted the whole time. In that moment my heart could not have been more full.
Day 3
Artistic outlets. Creating things has become my therapy. Whether it is a well organized chart or presentation at work or the photos I took on a lovely fall walk with my husband. I appreciate these small moments to escape to a place within myself that is confident and can do something right. It feels wonderful to accomplish something and even better when someone compliments a work that really came from the heart.

Since I referenced our walk in both of my entries today, here are a couple of photos!

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