Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 30

Well folks, the 30th day of the Thankful 30 is upon us. I cannot believe that tomorrow is December 1st. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet...

::breaths deeply into a paper bag::

This blog has been a tremendous outlet for me. I must say that more often than not it is my place to vent about life and mostly infertility. It was a nice break for me to spend a little time each day thinking about just ONE thing I was thankful for. Some days I had to pick from a list of things that I was particularly happy about, and other (more frustrating) days it would take me a moment or five to come up with something. That's just the way life goes, isn't it? It has been nice to be appreciative for some of the things I do have in my life instead of just pissing and moaning about the things I don't.

It's all about perspective my dear friends.

Get on with it you say? Alright, alright...

Day 30
Today I am thankful for each and every one of you. For your encouraging comments or the occasional swift kick in the seat. For your own inspiring words. For simply being a part of this (not so) little blogging community we've found ourselves in. And mostly, for just being you. I'm so grateful we have found each other.

Take an extra moment or two and appreciate those in your life. Give away an extra hug, smile, word or two of encouragement, etc. Because who would we be if not for the people in our lives?

Happy December Eve everyone! ::hyperventilate::

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