Monday, November 29, 2010

Days 26/27/28/29

Sorry for the lapse 'round here. I was on a much needed un-plugged time out!

Two of the greatest words in the english language when you put them together. Seriously I cooked with shit out of that bird on T-Day. J said it was my best bird to date. I'm thinking about having him call me Chef from now on.

Day 27 - Time with my peeps.
We escaped to the mountains this weekend. There was snow, friends, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, yummy food, christmas movies, etc, etc. I love creating these memories. I have the best of friends.

Day 28 - Turkey sandwiches.
I can't use turkey sandwiches again? Too bad!! My blog. My rules.
Did I mention before how fricken delicious my turkey was? I did? Well you get to read about it again, cause DAMN folks. So moist (thats what she said) and flavorful. Yum.

BTW - The Pioneer Woman's turkey brine worked wonderfully. I modified it slightly with an old recipe of my own, but the orange peels? Just the perfect touch of citrus. YUM

Day 29 - Husbands.
I know I've given him props already this month, but ya'll, we found out there was a mouse (possibly MICE - plural) in our work truck. If it wasn't for him I would have sold the old heap and thrown in the mouse/mice for no charge. I'm not messing around. Oh. Hell. No. Reepicheep doesn't get free rent. Not 'round these parts.

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