Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sicker than a dog.


J was sick a couple weeks back, our friends have had it, something is going around work, and this whole time I've managed to avoid The Sickness. Eating pretty well, drinking tons of water, washing my hands all the time, etc. I've been good!

Yesterday morning I did something I haven't done... ever? I slept through my damn alarm. Thankfully little miss Lacey is on a schedule and she needed to go potty, so I only missed about 20minutes of my morning routine. I figured I just felt crappy because I jolted out of bed and instantly started running around. With J's help, I got out the door on time.

I was wrong.

I got to work and got worse as the morning progressed. Tightening in my throat, sore all over, chills, etc. I finally cried uncle and left halfway through the day. I got home and barely left the sofa until J got home. I could barely sit up without my head aching. No bueno.

Until my dog decided to throw up in the middle of the living room.
Scrubbing dog vomit out of the carpet when you've got a splitting headache and a fever is not my idea of a good time.

This morning I was feeling a little better. Less feverish, but still completely wiped. My body hurts. I have slept a ton. My mom texted to check on me and I told her that I thought I was on the mend. HA! I should have knocked on wood. I've started feeling hot and the aches are getting worse. Neither are as bad as the constriction in my throat. It isn't so much scratchy, but it feels swollen and closed up. Very uncomfortable to say the least.

I'm at the point that I can't really sleep much anymore. Can I just say that daytime TV sucks?? I'm hoping to be a bit better tomorrow and not suffer through the 5+ days that J and our friends did. Fingers are crossed! Until then, I'm off to try and take another nap.

I did do one productive thing today - made our appointment with Seattle Reproductive Medicine. J and I chatted and decided that after our trip, we're ready to head back to the doc. I feel good about the "break" we've had, but it's time to get back to work. June 10th!


  1. So sorry about your being sick. I got over that a few weeks ago and it was crap!

    I am glad to hear you are jumping back in the baby-making business! That's great news. No giving up for either of us!


  2. I'm sorry love. I hope you feel better soon. Think of it this way- better now than next month. Right?