Friday, April 22, 2011

CD1 (again...)

Tomorrow was going to be POAS Day. I allowed myself to dream of how fun it would be to get a positive test the day before J's 30th birthday. We grabbed a bite for dinner tonight and I had to stop by the drug store. While I was there I picked up a couple of tests because, other than extremely sore boobs (that I've had for TWO WEEKS now), I had no sign of AF.

I get in the car and J asks, what else did you get?

Oh, I just grabbed some tests. We're out.

Pregnancy tests?



Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything.

Yeah. I kind of thought you should have been bleeding by now. (Yeah, we're classy.)

I kid you not, I was not in the car for more than two minutes before I started feeling the twinges of AF.

Me: Are you fricken kidding me!?

J: What?!

I think I'm starting.

Sure enough! I get home and the evil wench has arrived. She couldn't have shown up 5 minutes before? No. First, I had to spend $12 and ratchet my hopes up another little notch. Oh, and she had to be a week late so that next month I'm basically guaranteed to get my period in Europe. UGH. Bitch.


  1. ::hands Mrs S a whoopie pie::

  2. Don't you hate that! Why do things have to happen that way. I always hype myself up too!

  3. God! Bitch!

    That is so how it goes. That's why I can't make myself test anymore. Everytime I did, I would get my period like 1/2 a day later totally wasting the expensive test.

    No more testing for me.

    I am sorry you had your hopes dashed again. Life sucks.


  4. I guess the only upside is that she showed up before you took the expensive test - I've had a few times where I test and she shows up like 5 minutes later - ugh! Sorry she showed up to ruin your weekend. Maybe she'll be late next month too - so she doesn't ruin your vacation. Or just not show up at all and make your vacation awesome!!

  5. AF is a tease. She holds off just long enough for us to imagine "Am I pregnant?" and then she ambushes us.