Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the award goes to...

ME! One of my favorite peeps, Alyssa, nominated me for this award. As is tradition with recipients of this award, I will fill you in on 10 thingsthat you may (or may not!) want to know about me.

Ready? Let's do this.

1. I've struggled with weight my whole life. I was never really a chubby kid, but I wasn't a skinny one either. I remember seeing my mom's weight fluctuate and she was always on a diet (even if she didn't need it!). I have a lot of theories why I struggled the way I did and why it took until I got engaged to realize I needed to change my life, but mostly I think it had to do with my dad. My dad is heavy, but would always make comments about weight or food when I was growing up. I would be facing softball or volleyball tryouts and he'd come up with something sweet like, 'You know, if you ran 5miles a day like I did at your age, this wouldn't be as hard.' A gem, right? This is something big that I want to make sure I do differently with my children. It will be about making healthy choices, not 'dieting'. About exercising because it is good for you, etc.

2. I love photography. I wasn't able to take a class in school because my parents couldn't afford to buy me a camera. Now that I've got a new dslr all my own, I am really looking forward to learning the ropes. I enjoyed taking pictures with just my old point-and-shoot and pretty frequently got compliments on what I was able to accomplish. I think if I put time into it, I could come up with something good.

3. In fact, I've recently thought about going back to school and photography is a major I'm mulling over. That, or business. Pretty broad spectrum there, huh? I am working on getting in to the HR area of our company and getting my business degree and then my HR certification would obviously be a big help. However, it isn't what I'm really passionate about. I need more passion in my life.

4. Another love of my life is real estate, architecture, construction, etc. I know that is a lot of things, but I love looking at houses. I love floorplans, design, structure. I have an art book that originally had sketches I did in school, but ever since I have collected stuff for the house I intend to build. I've had this plan since I was about 10. My mom and I would drive around and look at houses (that we could 'never' afford) and shop for them. Go to open houses, etc. Sorry, I digress. But this book, it is filled with floor plans (some I've found, and some I've drawn), pictures of kitchens, art, libraries, furniture, etc. All things I plan to include in the-house-that-I'll-build someday.

5. Budgeting. I have a budget. I like crunching numbers. I handle our finances and pay the bills, etc. I love the idea of saving money, but there is always something that seems to come up. We'll get really good about it (usually this time of year) and by year end there is this or that that we must have and we're practically back to square one. Each year it gets a bit better and the system I put in place last year will hopefully mean that we'll get a good thing going and stick with it... after we replace the dishwasher of course.

6. I have ADD when it comes to my big dreams in life. I need to find a way to have 2-3 kids, build this lovely home on acreage, travel the world, be close to my family, own 3 dogs, run a successful business, retire early, etc. One day I dream of living downtown and having an urban lifestyle and the next day I put my boots on and want to go play on our friends farm. Anyone know of a city where I could build a couple acre farm in the middle? (for some reason I'm not picturing the little house in the movie Up!) Or care to share the winning lotto numbers?

7. I love organization. My office is meticulous. I have colored folders, with labels, organized by task, with to-do lists and post its on my calendar, etc. You would never know it looking at my house. You'd probably think I grew up in the 20's or something with as much STUFF as we have. I blame J. He is a chronic collector (not as in he owns 950 beanie babies or anything, he just never gets rid of stuff). He also has a tendency to attach sentimental value to, well, everything. It's a sweet trait when it is a silly note I wrote him 8 years ago, but it drives me up the FRICKEN WALL when he will not get rid of boxes of model cars he never finished (and are broken...). Purging is on my list of things to do this spring. I think our lives will feel much less hectic without the additional chaos and stuff around our house. (Just thinking about the copious amounts of crap makes me hyperventilate...)

8. I cannot sleep with socks on. I also find it hilarious that so many other people have a sock issue.

9. I have a tendency to get my hopes up and be let down, a lot. Whenever the possibility of something good comes up, I get things all worked up in my mind and am generally let down. A job opportunity, having a baby, a Christmas gift I've been asking for, whatever. I trust people too easily and let them in more quickly than I probably should. My mind does crazy things when left to its own devices.

10. I am recently obsessed with The Pioneer Woman. I don't know what rock I was living under, but Isha turned me on to her with a tasty recipe she mentioned one day and I cannot stop visiting her site. She is such a great writer and basically is living my dream life. Big family (I'm not so sure about home schooling...), beautiful home, loves to cook and photography, etc. And she's hilarious. We've got a very similar sense of humor. Yup, I love her.

Wow, that was a lot of random ramblings. lol

And with that I nominate:





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  1. Thank you so much!!

    And I totally agree with you on the Pioneer Woman. I just discovered her, too, and she's awesome!

    Oh, and if I had to sleep with socks on, I would go slowly insane before the morning arrived.