Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to shit or get off the pot.

It is time. Time for me to pick up where I left off before the holidays. Nope, this is not a New Years Resolution. This is just my whole year resolution. More specifically, time for me to prep to be a Milf. Yup, that is my goal in life. Ambitious, no?

(Re)Starting weight - 200
(it is actually about 198.9, but I'll round up)

My initial goal is still the 30lbs I was working on before Christmas showed up with all of its baked goods. I figure at a steady pace of approx 1lb/week I should be good to go by about... August. Ugh, that seems so far. But I guess I've already lived with it waaaay longer than that, so I'll survive.

Keep in mind that my #1 goal is still to get knocked up. Should that decide to happen before I'm a skinny hot Milf-in-training, then we'll just need to resume this dog and pony show after I give birth to the most beautiful child to ever grace the face of this here planet.

Sound like a plan folks? Well then let's get to work.

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