Monday, January 11, 2010


Not a whole lot has changed since my pre-holiday measurements. In an attempt to fix that, I'm going to bare all for you, in hopes that it will hold me accountable for showing you my improvements.

Left Bicep - 12.75
Right Bicep - 13
Bust - 43
Waist - 36.5
Hips - 46.5
Left Thigh - 27
Right Thigh - 27.25

Ugh. I hate seeing those. Especially my hips and thighs. So, I'm going to keep putting them up here, because if I'm really not happy with them, then I need to do something about it, right? No real change in weight either. However, I've been constipated for the last couple days (it's okay, I know that you were dying to know these details), so perhaps I've gained a tiny bit of progress and I'm just full of shit? I did go to the gym today and made a TASTY salad for dinner. I've got leftovers for tomorrow and plans for yoga tomorrow evening.

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