Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chubby Check In

Well, I haven't made the greatest progress. I am down about 2.5lbs since I started keeping track again. I suppose that isn't too bad considering I haven't been to the gym at all this week.

Current weight 197.5

My holiday weight is almost gone, only 2.5lbs to go. 27.5lbs until I reach my goal of 170. My goal isn't so much the weight, that is only important here because it is my most reliable measurement. I want to be healthy, and fit, and feel good in my clothes again.

I am not built to be the 140lbs that is says I should be on some chart graphing someones ideal weight based only on their gender and height. I have hips, and broad shoulders, and muscles. 10 years ago I was about 165lbs and that was perfect. I was strong and healthy, and didn't hate the way I looked in a bathing suit. But, of course I didn't think it was so 'perfect' at the time. My grams would always tell me that I was looking too thin. Back then I always scoffed at her, saying that being 30lbs 'overweight' was not too thin! I need to work on my self-image for sure.

We've been eating a LOT better these last two weeks. We are eating more salad and vegetables. Oh there is still red meat and potatoes, but serving sizes are much more important. It's great to have J doing this with me. He's not trying to lose weight, but he is talking a lot more about making smarter choices.

So, instead of talking about how I didn't make the progress I would have liked I am going to be grateful for the 2.5lbs I have lost and get to work on the rest!

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