Monday, January 18, 2010


This weekend was SO much fun. We spent the entire weekend at a cabin in the woods with some great friends of ours. I'm talking log furniture, stone fireplace, snowy mountains kind of trip. It was awesome. J and I got the master suite upstairs. It had a giant log bed... and a crib in the corner. Oh yes, our friends found this hilarious "It's a sign you two should have babies!" they kept saying. Ha. Ha.

Sunday night I had a dream, probably induced by the couple of blueberry vodka 7's I had and the crib I mentioned. I had just found out I was pregnant. However, somehow I knew it was a girl. (This is the third dream I've had where our child is a girl by the way...) Jeremy's face when I told him was part of the dream I will never forget. It was a grin I have never seen him make. I was chatting with an old girlfriend of mine who was taking me to look at little girl dresses. Our conversation was around how I was going to tell The Mama. Oh how I dream (literally now) of that conversation.

The other parts of the dream have faded, but that warm happy feeling is thankfully sticking around. Let's just hope that dreams do come true, shall we?

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