Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Extra Guest for Thanksgiving

Aunt Flo decided to fly in just in time for the holiday. YAY! (Can you see the sarcasm dripping from those over-enthusiastic capital letters??)

CD1. Again.

Today started with spotting, dark brown and annoying and I should have known. Except the strange absence of ALL other typical PMS symptoms. Perhaps my Clomid side affects are actually lack of symptoms? Hell, I am making shit up now... I have NO UNGODLY IDEA what is going on between my legs. I got nothin'.

Now I have my next appointment. The one the doc wanted me to schedule between CD1-5. It is this Friday (happy black friday to me.) at 1:30. The nurse is calling me back to tell me what to prep for, but I do know there will be an internal and potentially an ultrasound. An internal while I'm on my period. Can this get any more awful!? (Universe: that was NOT a challenge. You understand me!?) Oh yes, I still get to tell my husband that his Friday off will not be spent smiling at our black Friday discounted Dyson while he drifts into a turkey induced coma...

I'm going to drag my cranky ass to the gym. If I'm not ever going to get knocked up, than I might as well be hotter than hell along with being barren.

**edit: nurse just called (she's prompt!) and the only 'internal' exam with be the vaginal ultrasound probe. Still doesn't sound fun to me.**

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