Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Return of the Chubby Check-In

Okay, so I have been a slacker and completely let the weight loss and weight loss tracking fall to the wayside. Well peeps, I'm baaaaaaack. Since I joined the gym I decided that I'd better start fresh. A new starting point, a new goal.

Starting weight (brace yourself, I hate 'saying it out loud') = 198
Goal = 175

This week J and I talked and we're going to get back on track with eating at home and not being lazy and actually cooking good meals. No more with the 'I don't feel like it, how about burritos' mentality. Since I left off last time I've gained about 3lbs. Not bad, but not the right direction either.

So, I will update soon with my measurements (I want them first thing in the AM so they're consistent) and then it's game time! First trip to the gym tomorrow and the trainer on Monday. Yes, I am terrified of meeting the trainer.

I picked 175 to be my first goal because it will mean that I will weigh less than J. By 5 lbs. I hope that by the end of winter I have met my goal. Scratch that. By the end of winter I WILL have met my goal. Much better.

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