Saturday, February 6, 2010


I love to cook and bake. I know a lot of people that generally fall on one side or the other, but I could never choose a side.

I was uber excited to try a new recipe that I saw on tv for Thin Mint Cupcakes. I mean HELL-O, Thin Mints are probably the greatest of all the food groups. But to make them into a cupcake?! Well, it turns out it was too damn good to be true. I made THREE batches and they all fell in. I used two different recipes for the chocolate cupcake and they were all a disaster! In my research I've found that I think it may be my ingredients. My flour and baking soda/powder aren't exactly new (at least a few months old) and apparently that can be an issue... Because otherwise I followed the instructions to the T. My measurements were exact. The order was precise. The mint butter-cream frosting I made is delicious. Too bad there are cupcakes for me to inject it into...

DAMN IT. I hate to fail. Especially when I told my friends I'd be bringing them for Super Bowl. I'm tempted to go to the bakery and get unfrosted chocolate cupcakes, finish them myself, and then lie through my teeth that they're homemade. Tempting...

**ETA: I used a mix and they came out fine. Must have been my ingredients. I'll buy everything fresh next time!**

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