Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Biggest Loser Finale

Nope, I'm not talking the TV show here peeps. I'm talking about the challenge we had at work. We started with 10 people and ended with about 5, but those of us that stuck with it all lost weight! I can in second place. The winner lost 22 lbs in 12 1/2 weeks and I lost - 14! It isn't nearly as great as I would have liked, but as busy as we've been the last two months, I'm very proud of myself. I've not dedicated nearly enough time to exercise and allowed myself more treats than I probably should have, but in the process I have lived.

I've learned that I can maintain. That I can treat myself to a smore (or 2!) while we're camping and that it doesn't have to mean my complete unraveling. I've re-learned that carbs are not the greatest thing for me. I've managed my carbs in the past and been successful in losing weight. Now that I know it can have a positive impact on my PCOS, it is going to have to become a lifestyle change and not a 'diet'. Those that may not recall, I am not completely eliminating carbs. At all. I am eating small amounts of carbs (fruits and veggies don't count! I'm eating tons of those.) with most meals and just keeping them under control. Usually around 60 grams a day. Doing so I hope will help regulate my blood sugar levels and keep the communication lines between the ol' ute and pancreas running smoothly.

The biggest difference I see is in my energy levels. I love being active now. I don't see walking around as a tiresome chore (okay, maybe sometimes I do...) and I look forward to getting out of the house. I think the fact that the weather is improving and summer might have finally made it to the northwest helps with this too. Whatever it is, I'll take it!

My final Biggest Loser weigh in = 186. WOOT! Know what that means?


::shakes slightly smaller booty::

I did it! It's been two years in the making, but I did it. Finally. Ideally I would like to lose another 30 pounds. That would put me at the ideal weight according to my BMI chart (anyone else find those things useless!?). However, I am a built on a slightly bigger/athletic frame, with wider hips and shoulders, so my plan is to shoot for 16 (170) and check in again. Smaller goals are better for me anyway.

Now, someone pass me the cake.


  1. Yay for you!! I hate that stupid chart though - I don't think it's accurate anymore. It seems to me that they came up with those measurements in the 40s when people were just made smaller lol. Congrats!

  2. Awesome weight loss! I am 5'7 and also have a larger frame. The lowest I've gotten is 165 and I don't think I would go any lower than that, I start to look sick. Right now, I'm working towards 170, I got 19 more to go :)
    Congrats again!

  3. Way to go! That's awesome -- very inspiring, too! Thanks for sharing with us, and keep up the good work!

  4. Michelle, I'm 5'7" as well so maybe that's what I'll shoot for too. I remember being that size and being very fit. I probably had more muscle then because I played a ton of sports, but 165 is a good goal! Thanks :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a fantastic accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself. And thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

    Happy ICLW! :)

  6. What an accomplishment! You should be so proud of yourself.

    Happy ICLW!

  7. Congratulations! And just in time for bikini season...

    Happy ICLW! (I am #41)