Monday, June 21, 2010

Too Soon To Tell

I had to see one of Doc Oc's other doctors today because he's on vacation. I've seen her once before and like her okay. We came in, recapped my regimen, and got right down to dildocam business. We were able to find quite a few follicles, but they were only about 11-12mm. They are larger than my baseline, but not big enough to be 'mature' yet.

So, what that means is I am headed back to see her on Friday. Usually one or two will step up and take the lead. If they grow at 1-2mm per day, on Friday I should have a follicle around 15mm(low end) to 20mm(high end). Fingers crossed for high end.

No IUI today, we've got to hang in there and wait until the end of the week. I will keep testing with OPK's and call in if I get a positive before then.

Thank you for all of the well wishes. I will keep them close until Friday!

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  1. Best wishes and hope Friday shows great follies!