Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lost my shit in the restaurant.

TMI Warning

So, I changed my tampon before I left the house and then we were off to Costco. We were leaving Costco about an hour later and as we left I got the unmistakable feeling that I was going to have an 'accident'. Thankfully the restaurant where we were meeting our friends wasn't far. The whole way to the restaurant my lip is quivering and I can feeling my emotions building up. Isn't it bad enough my period had to show up? Why must I be practically bleeding out?

We get to the restaurant, I set my stuff on the table and haul it to the restroom. I get into the first stall and fought with a door that wouldn't freaking shut. I hop over to the next stall and start to do my thing. Before I can get my pants down my pedometer (for a work challenge) flies off my hip and straight into the toilet!


I snatch it out an immediate stare at my hand like OMGWHATDIDYOUDO?! That is a public TOILET for petesake! The damage was done, so I set it on the shelf thingy and carried on. What do I do next you ask? Sat down and proceeded to drop my tampon in the toilet. Seriously!? Can't a girl catch a break?

By the time I scrubbed my pedometer (which amazingly still works even though I scrubbed it with soap and water) and my hands for 10 minutes, J was wondering what was taking me so long. As soon as I sat down and he asked if everything was okay, I lost it. In the middle of the damn restaurant. 'I... I... I dropped my pedometer in the t-t-t-toilet and my pants are stained.' He was so sweet and kept rubbing my back while I tried to lay low and not make a scene.

Let's get one thing clear - I am NOT a cute crier. There is red splotchy face, bloodshot eyes, and even my lips get puffy and red. Not. Cute. THANK GOODNESS our friends were late and I could compose myself.

If nothing else, I'm improving my IF grief efficiency. I think I probably managed to make it through all 7 stages of grief in one single day.


  1. So sorry to hear. Glad your friends were late and you had time to compose yourself :( I'm also those criers that make a scene sometimes.

  2. I've been there before :-( I'm never a cute crier either. Thinking of you!

  3. I'm so sorry honey. Sometimes the little things just add up to a nuclear emotional attack. HUGS.