Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting my dog fixed.

Don't you just love the randomness that comes from my posts? lol

Tomorrow I have to take my puppy in to get her fixed. Lacey is a purebred yellow lab and we toyed for weeks with the idea of breeding her. We decided that we just didn't have the capacity to take that on right now. I'm really bummed! I don't want her to have to get surgery, even though I know doing so decreases her risk of breast cancer as well as infections. I cannot guarantee that I won't cry. Yes, I'm a big baby for my dogs.

Is it weird that in the back of my mind I'm hoping the Karma Gods aren't upset with me for wanting a baby, all while taking away my dogs chances of doing the same? I will have to find other ways to boost my karma this week I think. This will most definitely take a hit on my karma balance. :)


  1. Aww, good luck Lacey. I have a yellow lab/retriever mix named Lacy! Small world

  2. I don't think you will throw your Karma out of wack for getting your dog fixed. You'll be number one in Bob Barker's book! My dog had puppies once and it was HARD WORK. They were adorable and I loved them all, but I could not get them out the door fast enough!! Believe me - getting her fixed is a good thing and that good karma will come back around to you!

  3. Poor Lacey! This will be a rough day for her for me!
    And no, don't think "the gods will strike you down" for this, at all... hang in there!

  4. LOL
    hope all goes well at the vet.

  5. There is nothing but GOOD karma for people that spay their dogs!!! Not only is it better for your dogs health, but there are so so many homeless animals out there.

    It is sad to see your pup get surgery though. I hate seeing them all sedated and tired. She'll bounce back so fast though, I bet you won't be able to keep her inactive as long as the docs wants you to!

    Happy ICLW!!