Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Charting Failure

If you have clicked the link to view my chart, you'll know that I haven't been doing it. I took a month off and that month sort of became a few months. It started with the new meds and the new puppy. I was up so much during the night I would have failed miserably. Now, on most nights, I am sleeping through the night. I no longer have that excuse to cling to and I still cannot fathom going back to charting right now.

I think I have abandoned it for a couple of reasons. Number one being that my meds change my chart. The minute I start progesterone, my temps increase. FF will never give me solid cross hairs because of the medication. Number two being, I was over analysing all of these symptoms and they had already happened. There isn't anything I can do to change them, so why spend so much time looking at them. What I needed to focus on was something that was going to tell me what was coming (midcycle checks, OPKs). Then I could prepare accordingly.

I really enjoyed charting in the beginning. I felt like it gave me something tangible to view. Now, honestly I cannot go back. The thought of it is suffocating to me. I don't want to be bound to another thing I have to do each day. Between the meds, the vitamins, the sex, the doctors appointments, the shots, etc... Something had to give and that something was my dear Fertility Frienemy.

Maybe someday I will go back. It does give me a good place to record CDs, positive OPKs, and symptoms, even if I don't record temps. But, for now, that BBT is staying in my nightstand where it belongs.


  1. When charting becomes a burden, it's no longer worth it. I don't blame you one bit for giving your BBT the ol' heave ho! Do what works for you and gives you least amount of stress. You've got enough to worry about right now without the added pressure of Fertility Friend telling you dirty lies. :)

  2. When you have dr's and shots etc telling you the information, why bother?

  3. I know how charting can be - I've been doing it for about a year now. I understand how much of a pain it can be! The only reason I'm doing it is because my body is never consistent so without it I wouldn't know if I ovulated CD 21 or CD 26 (since it's usually around those dates) and I'd hate if I got pregnant and they did a U/S they'd think I was weeks earlier since "normal" ovulate CD 14. Only reason I really stick to it :(