Monday, June 7, 2010

T-Minus 2 Days

And counting...

Wednesday morning is D-Day: CD29. Wednesday I would be one day 'late' and I promised myself I wouldn't count DPO's and test 'early'. Two more days...

I'm not feeling particularly confident. I'm not sure if it is a product of being burned over and over, or if it is just a vibe, but I'm trying to remain positive. Other than being exhausted, my boobs are killing me again. This has been a typical PMS symptom for me the last few months. My exhaustion I know is a result of my non-stop weekend. Rationally I know that at this point I wouldn't feel any different than a normal month. I just keep wishing and searching for some sign. Something to tell me not to give up hope. Not to dampen my spirits so it will hurt a little less if it doesn't work out. That I have no reason to believe I will need to come into work Wednesday morning with red puffy eyes. (Who am I kidding, if that pee stick has two lines, I will probably cry harder than if it doesn't!)

So, I'll keep searching and remaining positive. Keeping myself busy until Wednesday morning arrives. If you've got a spare set of fingers, I wouldn't mind a bit if you kept 'em crossed for me.


  1. Don't you hate the boob soreness being a PMSy thing? I get that right after ovulation and it stinks because that takes one of the pregnancy symptoms and turns it into an every day cycle thing. LOL.

    I'm wishing you best and spreading baby dust over here for you. Oh and crossing my fingers :)

  2. oh honey, I've been there. Isn't it wierd how we talk ourselves into NOT having hope but not giving up completely. it's so wierd the jedi mind tricks we play on OURSELVES!!!

    I haven't O'd yet this month so everything I have is crossed and focused solely on you! GL!

  3. I'm definitely hoping Wednesday is a great day for you!

  4. No. Words. Waiting though, and expecting a phone call in the morning if it's positive. Yes, I know you pee at like 4am. I don't care.