Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Anniversary Freak Out

Yesterday Jeremy and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary and today we've officially been together 10 years! We played it low key as our European adventure was our gift to one another. J works late, so I came home and mowed the lawn for him and picked up take-out for dinner.

Jeremy walked in the door with flowers and a card so sweet that I cried like a babe. The name on the card... 'Sweetpea +1' I was a goner. That boy knows how to tug my strings.

After dinner our big plan involved nothing more than snuggling on the couch. Perfect, no?

I'm a smart girl and hit the potty first so that our snuggles wouldn't be interrupted by my pesky bladder. And that's when I wiped and saw red.

I gasped. I spotted once last week, but it was dark brown and minimal. It was not a ton of blood, not even enough to be on my underwear, but definitely streaks when I wiped. We immediately called and had the on-call doctor paged. 45 minutes later... (annoying!) she called and asked me to go to the local walk-in and have my blood drawn for another beta. That was all we could do at that point.

I had to wait until 8:00 this morning to get the results. Time moves so slowly when you're waiting for the phone to ring! Our number rose nicely and my nurse said to take it easy today and increase my water intake. She did ask that I drop by the clinic and do another blood draw to see if I was RH-. Apparently if you are, your body can build up antibodies that are harmful to the baby. I haven't done my research here yet, so I'm not entirely sure if I have it right. I will have those results in the morning. If I am, I only need to get a shot and all will be well.

I knew down deep that everything was alright, but my mind is a beast all its own. It certainly was not the way I wanted to spend my anniversary, but I am eternally grateful that everything is okay. Sprout is a tough little sea monkey and isn't going anywhere for a long while yet.

Thanks to those who saw my freak out on Twitter and sent your love and hugs. I appreciate your positivity!

It is hard to believe that this was only three years ago.
It feels like yesterday.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Hope the results tomorrow are good ones.

  2. So sorry you had to go through that scare! I am worried too when I go to the bathroom, but I am trying not to think about it.
    I am praying that your test comes back with good results and that bleeding stays at bay!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out okay :) I'm pretty sure the books I read said the same thing about being RH-.

  4. So glad everything looked okay! Scary!

    If you're RH- it's only a problem if Jeremy is RH+. If you and the baby have different blood types, your body could fight their blood BUT this is only a problem in subsequent pregnancies because your blood doesn't mix with theirs until delivery. So, if any future babies (after this one) were RH+ and you were negative, your body would have built up a resistance to that blood type. This is probably way more than you need to know, I know, but you would just have to have a shot at 28 weeks and within three days after delivery if you were RH-, no biggie at all.

    I only know this because my mom told me my blood type was A-, but it turned out I was A+ and didn't have to worry about it at all. There is your random information for the day!

  5. Thanks for the details Jess! Turns out Im O+, no worries!